Violations Page 61

21 Dec

2130(a)(3)Knowingly possessing or using an altered, forged
or counterfeit certificate of title
E Felony
See Penal Law
2130(a)(4)Using false or fictitious name or address, or making
material false statement, or failing to disclose a
security interest or concealing material fact in
application for certificate of title
E Felony
See Penal Law
2130(a)(5)Produces, makes, manufactures or reproduces any
certificate of title, license plate or tag of any state... or
possesses any device for producing, making,
manufacturing or reproducing same
E Felony
See Penal Law
2130(b)(1)Permitting a person not entitled thereto to use or
possess certificate of title
Chart BMisd.
2130(b)(2)Failure to mail or deliver certificate of title or
application therefor to Department as required
Chart BMisd.
2130(b)(3)Failure to deliver certificate of title to transferee within 10 daysChart BMisd.



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