Violations Page 60

21 Dec

2112(b)Failure to notify Commissioner of recovery of title
certificate after duplicate issued
Chart A
2114(b)Failure of dealer to maintain recordsChart A
2119(a)Failure to deliver title certificate to lienholder upon requestChart A
2121Failure to execute release of security interestChart A
2122Failure of lienholder to disclose information as to security agreementChart A
2125(c)Improper charge for filing security interestChart A
2129(a)Failure of peace officer to report theft or recovery of vehicleChart A
2129(b)Failure to report recovery of vehicle by person who
has reported theft of such vehicle
Chart A
2130(a)(1)Altering, forging or counterfeiting a title certificateE Felony
See Penal Law
2130(a)(2)Altering or forging an assignment of a title, certificate of
title, or an assignment or release of a security interest
E Felony
See Penal Law



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