Violations Page 58

21 Dec

1241Leaving the scene of an incident, 1st degreeClass B Misd.Fine not to exceed $500
Jail not to exceed 3 months
see Penal Law
80.05.2 & 70.15.2
1251(a)Two riding on seat designed for one - motorcycleChart A2 points
1251(b)Riding motorcycle sidesaddleChart A2 points
1251(c)Carrying articles on motorcycle which prevents
operator from keeping 2 hands on handlebars
Chart A2 points
1251(d)Interfered with motorcycle operator's view or control
(passenger or operator)
Chart A2 points
1252(a)Interfering with motorcyclist's full use of laneChart A3 points
1252(b)Improper passing - motorcycle in same lane as vehicle being passed Chart A3 points
1252(c)Operating motorcycle between lanes of traffic or rows of vehiclesChart A2 points
1252(d)More than two motorcycles abreast in one laneChart A2 points



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