Violations Page 56

21 Dec

1229-c.11All persons under age of four in a school bus must be
restrained in approved seat
not less than $25.00
not more than $100.00
1229-c.13Operating a school bus with no applicable Federal school
bus safety standards unless all occupants are restrained...
not less than $25.00
not more than $100.00
1229-c.4School buses carrying children over 4 years of age / Authorized emergency vehicles
1229-c.61st violation with respect to passengers under age 7, waived upon proof of purchase or rental
1229-c.7Persons with physical disability which would prevent appropriate restraint
1229-c.9Does not apply to taxis, liveries or buses, other than school buses
1229-c.10Person employed as rural carriers during such work activities
1232(a)Riding a bicycle without a seat or without feet on pedalsChart A
1233.1Clinging to vehicleChart A
1233.2Riding on or attaching self to vehicleChart A
1235Carrying articles on bicycles which prevents driver from
keeping at least one hand on handlebar or carrying package
on skateboard which obstructs vision
Chart A



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