Violations Page 52

21 Dec

1213(b)Passenger interfered with driver's view or controlChart A
1214Opening door in unsafe manner or leaving door
open so as to interfere with movement of traffic
Chart A
1215Failed to keep right or give audible warning on mountain highwayChart A2 points
1216Coasting in neutral or with A clutch disengaged
when traveling down a grade
Chart A2 points
1217Followed fire apparatus too closelyChart A4 points
1217Parked within block where fire apparatus stopped
or within 1,000 feet if there is no block
Chart A2 points
1218Crossed fire hoseChart A2 points
1219(a)Put glass or other injurious substances on highwayChart A
1219(b)Failed to remove destructive or injurious material from highwayChart B
1219(c)Failed to remove glass from highwayChart B



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