Violations Page 51

21 Dec

1203-a.4Falsely obtaining a hadicap parking permitCivil Penalty
$250 - $1,000
1203-c.1Failure to designate off-street spaces for handicappedFine up to $250
see 1203-c.3
1203-c.4Parking in off-street spaces reserved for handicapped.
Vehicle may be towed.
1st - $50 TO $75
2nd (within 2 years)
$75 TO $150
1203-eDumping snow onto parking places for handicapped prohibited.

May be exceeded by local law.
1st - $25.00
2nd and subsequent
not to exceed $100
max $50 if under Local law
max $200 if under Local Law
1203-h.6Falsely obtaining a metered parking waiverCivil Penalty
$250 - $1,000
1210(a)Unattended vehicle - engine running, ignition unlocked, key not removed, brake not set or front wheels
not turned properly
Chart A
1210(c)Towing agency - failure to notify police of vehicle removalChart A
1211(a)Backing unsafelyChart A2 points
1211(b)Backing on controlled access highwayChart A2 points
1211(c)Driver of retail sale ice cream truck backed up to make a saleChart A2 points
1212Reckless drivingChart WMisd. / 5 points
1213(a)Driver's view or control obstructed by overloadingChart A2 points
1213(a)More than three persons in front seatChart A2 points



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