Violations Page 49

21 Dec

1192.5D.W.A.I. per se level I - Commercial Motor VehiclesChart BBT.I. / Misd
1192.6D.W.I. per se level II - Commercial Motor VehiclesChart CCMisd / E Felony
1192-aOperating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol / under 21Chart DDnot a crime or offense
1194.1(b)Refuse to submit to a breath testChart A
1194.2Refuse to submit to a chemical testChart EE
1196.7(e)Violation of conditional license$200 - $500
Not more than 15 days imprisonment, or both
Conditional license or privilege is revoked by Commissioner
1198.7(a)Use of vehicle without ignition interlock deviceChart BMisd
1198.7(b)Knowingly renting, leasing or lending
a vehicle w/o ignition interlock device
Chart BMisd
1198.8Allows use of employer vehicle w/o ignition interlock device
1198.9(a)Circumventing ignition interlock device by having another
person to blow into device ...
Chart BClass A Misd
1198.9(b)Blowing into ignition interlock device .... for purpose of providing
an operable vehicle to a person so restricted
Chart BClass A Misd
1198.9(c)Tampering with an operable ignition interlock deviceChart BClass A Misd
1198.9(d)Operating a vehicle w/o ignition interlock deviceChart BClass A Misd
1200(d)Failed to obey signs prohibiting, restricting,
or limiting stopping, standing or parking
Chart A
1201(a)Stopping, standing or parking onto a main traveled part of highwayChart A
1201(a)Failed to leave width for passage of other vehiclesChart A
1202(a)(1)Parking, standing or stopping in specific prohibited placesChart A
1202(a)1kSelling frozen deserts to pedestrians on a highway
with speed limit over 30 mph.
Chart A



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