Violations Page 46

21 Dec

1171(c)Failed to approach a RR grade crossing at a rate of speed that
would permit vehicle to stop if necessary... (eff 4/29/02)
Chart A5 points
1171(d)Driver of CMV failed to check Street-railway grade crossing...Chart A5 points
1171(e)Driver of CMV failed to obey a traffic control device or direction
of a police officer at a RR crossing
Chart A5 points
1172(a)Failed to stop for stop signChart A3 points
1172(b)Failed to stop for yield sign when requiredChart A3 points
1173Failed to stop when emerging from alley,
driveway, private road or building
Chart A2 points
1174(a)Failed to stop for school busChart R5 points
1174(b)Failed to keep school bus haltedChart A2 points
1175Obstructing traffic at intersectionsChart A2 points
1176Obstructing highway - railroad grade crossingChart A3 points



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