Violations Page 45

21 Dec

1163(c)Stop or decrease speed suddenly without signalingChart A2 points
1163(d)Improper use of signalsChart A2 points
1163(e)Failed to use or improper use of four-way flashersChart A2 points
1164(a)Failed to use signal lamps or hand signalsChart A2 points
1165Improper hand signalsChart A2 points
1166(a)Improper right turn into an alley, driveway, etc.Chart A2 points
1166(b)Improper left turn - not at intersectionChart A2 points
1166(c)Improper left turn while on a one-way roadway,
into an alleyway, roadway, etc.
Chart A2 points
1170(a)Failed to stop at railroad crossing (minimum 15‘ ) when requiredChart A5 points
1170(b)Driving through, around or under barrier or gate at RR crossing Chart Q5 points
1171(a)Failed to stop at railroad crossing - certain vehiclesChart A5 points



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