Violations Page 44

21 Dec

1157(b)Soliciting for watching or guarding parked vehicleChart A
1157(c)Occupying State highway for selling or solicitingChart A
1160(a)Improper right turnChart A2 points
1160(b)Improper left turn on two-way roadChart A2 points
1160(c)Improper left turn on one-way roadwayChart A2 points
1160(d)Failed to turn as required by signs or markingsChart A2 points
1160(e)Improper U-turnChart A2 points
1161U-turn on curve, crest or School Zone. (updated Oct 2013)Chart A2 points
1162Unsafe startingChart A2 points
1163(a)Improper or unsafe turn or lane change, or failed to signal intentChart A2 points
1163(b)Failed to give enough notice of intent to turn
or change lanes (Minimum 100 feet)
Chart A2 points



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