Violations Page 43

21 Dec

1151(c)Vehicle approaching from rear passed a
vehicle stopped for pedestrians
Chart A3 points
1151-aVehicle emerging from alleyway, driveway, etc.
failed to yield R.O.W. to pedestrian on sidewalk
Chart A3 points
1152(a)Pedestrian crossing at other than crosswalk
failed to yield R.O.W. to vehicles
Chart A
1152(c)Pedestrian crossing intersection diagonally (jaywalking)Chart A
1153(a)Failed to yield R.O.W. to a blind personChart A3 points
1153(b)Improper use of white cane / Use by unauthorized personChart A
1155Pedestrian failed to use right half of crosswalkChart A
1156(a)Pedestrian failed to use sidewalk when availableChart A
1156(b)pedestrian failed to walk facing trafficChart A
1157(a)Soliciting ride (Hitchhiking)Chart A



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