Violations Page 41

21 Dec

1129(a)Following too closelyChart A4 points
1129(b)Failed to leave sufficient space between vehiclesChart A4 points
1129(c)Failed to allow sufficient space between vehicles of
a caravan or motorcade
Chart A4 points
1130.1Driving across or within a dividing space, barrier
or section of divided highway
Chart A2 points
1130.2Improper entrance or exit from controlled access highwayChart A2 points
1131Driving on shoulders or slopesChart A2 points
1140(a)Failed to yield R.O.W. to a vehicle already in the intersection Chart A3 points
1140(b)Failed to yield R.O.W. - Vehicle on left yields to
vehicle on the right when both vehicles enter
inter section at the same time
Chart A3 points
1141Vehicle turning left yields R.O.W. to approaching
vehicles from opposite direction
Chart A3 points



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