Violations Page 40

21 Dec

1122(b)Failed to give way to passing vehicleChart A3 points
1122-aOvertaking a bicycle - failed to pass on left
at a safe distance
Chart A3 points
1123(b)Passing on the shoulder or off the pavementChart A3 points
1124Interfered with safe operation of any vehicle
approaching or any vehicle overtaken
Chart A3 points
1125(a)Drove to left on crest or curve at railroad crossing, bridge or tunnelChart A3 points
1126(a)Drove to left of pavement markings - no passing zoneChart A3 points
1127(a)One-way traffic - driving the wrong directionChart A3 points
1127(b)Failed to keep right around a circular intersectionChart A3 points
1128(a)Unsafe lane changeChart A3 points
1128(b)Driving in center lane of 3 lane roadChart A3 points
1128(c)Failed to use designated lane for slow trafficChart A3 points
1128(d)Crossed no passing markings (same direction)Chart A3 points



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