Violations Page 39

21 Dec

1112(b)Pedestrian crossed on flashing "DON'T WALK" signal or upraised handChart A
1112(c)Pedestrian crossed on steady "DON'T WALK" signal or upraised handChart A
1113(a)Vehicle failed to stop at flashing red lightChart A3 points
1114(a)Placed, maintained or displayed unauthorized traffic control deviceChart A
1114(b)Commercial advertising on traffic control deviceChart A
1115(a)Defacing, altering, removing, etc. official traffic
control devices, bridges, fences, etc.
Chart A
1116(e)Traveling in lane controlled by red X signalChart A3 points
1117Failed to stop at a malfunctioning traffic control signalChart A3 points
1120(a)Failed to keep rightChart A3 points
1120(b)Failed to keep right in right lane - slower vehicle Chart A3 points
1120(c)Failed to keep right, 4 or more lanesChart A3 points
1121Failed to give one half of roadway on narrow roadsChart A3 points
1122(a)After passing, pulled back in when not safely clear
of passed vehicle
Chart A3 points



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