Violations Page 37

21 Dec

601Leaving the scene of injury to animalChart N3 points
605Failure to report accidentChart BMisd., grounds
for suspension (605.2)
1101NOT A CHARGABLE OFFENSE - see letter # 2 after index
1102Failed to comply with order of police officerChart A2 points
1110(a)Failed to obey traffic control device Chart A0 or 2 points*
* 0 points if relating to occupancy requirements for high occupancy vehicles which occur on preferential use lanes
established by State D.O.T. (added 5/25/94) NYCRR 131.57(viii). SEE LETTER #1 AFTER INDEX RE: 2 POINTS
1111(a)(1)Failed to yield R.O.W. green lightChart A3 points
1111(a)(2)Failed to yield R.O.W. green arrowChart A3 points
1111(b)(3)Pedestrian crossed against yellow signalChart A
1111(d)1Failed to stop for red lightChart O-1
Chart O-2
3 points
1111(d)2aFailed to stop before making right on redChart A3 points



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