Violations Page 36

21 Dec

511-dAggravated failure to answer appearance
tickets or pay fines imposed
"Sentence of the court
must be;
(i) A fine of not less than $500
(No max stated)
(ii) A term of imprisonment of
not more than 180 days, or both"
512Operating while registration suspended or revokedChart LMisd.
514.7Failure to report conviction, bail forfeiture or failure to appearNot more than $25
for each separate offense
515Altered record of convictionChart A
530.6Restricted use license violationChart A
551.1Operating an escort vehicle with out possessing and escort cert.$200-$500Traffic Infraction
551.2Operating an escort vehicle with a canceled escort cert.$500-$1,000Traffic Infraction
551.3Operating an escort vehicle in violation of any rule or reg. of
Commissioner of Transportation
$100-$300Traffic Infraction
600.1Leaving the scene of a property damage incident (real or personal)Chart M3 points
600.2Leaving the scene of a personal injury incidentChart M3 points / Misd. / Felony



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