Violations Page 31

21 Dec

509.3Operating in violation of restriction on licenseChart I
509.4Owner of vehicle permitting unlicensed operation in violation of section 509.1, 2 or 3Chart I
509.5Holding more than one unexpired New York State
license at any one time
Chart I
509.6Permitting another to use license, possession of or use of forged, fictitious or illegally obtained license,
use of another's license
Chart I
509.7 (new)Operating a CMV without being in possession of the
appropriate license for the vehicle being operated
Chart I
509.7 (old)Failure to exhibit record of conviction stub to
magistrate or any person designated by commissioner
(REPEALED eff 1/29/02)
509.7-aOperating a Commercial Motor Vehicle while not medically certified...Chart I
509-aaOperating a commercial motor vehicle... while not medically certifiedChart A



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