Violations Page 3

21 Dec

319.1 Operating or permitting operation without insurance$150 to $1500 or imprisonment for not more than 15 days or bothTraffic Infraction
Additional civil
penalty of $750
See section 319.5
319.2Producing insurance ID card - insurance not in effectChart BMisd.
336Duty of court to report judgmentNot less than $10Penalty contained in section 357
340Failure to surrender license or registration after having been suspended $100-$1000 sec 35890 days or both
355Operating or permitting operation while license or registration suspended or revoked Chart IMisd.
Penalty contained in section 511
356Forging proof of financial responsibilityfine not more than $1,000
imprisonment not more than 30 days
370.2 Operating or permitting operation of uninsured for hire vehicleChart BMisd.
370.4 Failure to notify insurer of accident of “for hire” vehicleChart BMisd.



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