Violations Page 27

21 Dec

415-a.5(a)Failed to record or kept improper records
(vehicle dismantlers, salvage pool, mobile
car crusher or itinerant vehicle collector).
See 415-a.6(b)
In addition, a civil penalty
amount not to exceed $1,000
for each violation
A Misd.
415-a.8(a)Failure of vehicle rebuilder to maintain and produce records Chart BA Misd.
415-a.9(a)Uncertified scrap processorChart BA Misd.
415-a.9(b)Scrap processor - failed to produce recordsChart BA Misd.
415-a.10(a)Uncertified scrap collectorChart BA Misd.
415-a.10(b)Scrap collector - failed to produce recordsChart BA Misd.
415-a.12(b)Failure to display certification or Identification numberChart BA Misd.
416Limited use of dealers and transporter platesChart BA Misd.



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