Violations Page 23

21 Dec

396.3Improper use of "FD" or "Fire Department” on non-fire vehicleChart A
397Equipping or operating motor vehicle with police radio
Not more than $1,000
Not more than 6 months or both
397-aRadar or laser detector prohibited in vehicles with
GVWR greater than 18,000 lbs. or CMV over 10,000 lbs
Not less than $25.00
Not more than $100.00
401.1(a)Unregistered motor vehicleChart H
401.1(b)Switched trailer platesChart H
401.3Change of address-registrationChart A
401.4Failure to produce registrationChart A
401.7F(b)Operating a vehicle in excess of its maximum
gross weight as stated on registration
Chart H
401.8(c)Operating a tractor and semi-trailer in excess of
its M.G.W. as stated on registration
Chart H



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