Violations Page 22

21 Dec

392Using a document obtained unlawfullyChart BMisd.
392Altered number plate, or documentsChart BMisd.
392-aSale or purchase of false, fraudulent
or stolen license, registration number
license plates or Identification card
Chart B1st offense - Misd.
2nd offense within
10 years is class E Felony
394.2Unlicensed driving schoolChart BMisd.
394.7Failure to keep required recordsChart BMisd.
394.8No instructor's certificateChart BMisd.
394.9Employment of felon or unfit personChart BMisd.
395Unlicensed private service bureauChart BMisd.
396.1Improper use of seal or insigniaChart A
396.2Improper use of the words "police",
“Police Department” or "P.D." on non-police vehicle
Chart A



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