Violations Page 18

21 Dec

382.1Sale of illegal brake fluidChart BMisd.
382.2Illegal labeling of brake fluidChart BMisd.
382-aSelling unapproved brake liningChart BMisd.
382-bImproper service brake systemChart A
382-cInadequate or no occupant compartment protectionChart A
383.1 Inadequate or no safety beltsChart A
383.2Sale of vehicle without approved seat belt assembly anchorageChart A
383.3Sale of unapproved safety beltChart A
383.4Sale or lease of certain vehicles without safety beltsChart A
383.4-aFailure to equip school bus with safety belt for driverFine not to exceed $50
383.4-aFailure of school bus driver to use safety belt Fine not to exceed $50
383.5(a) No seat belts or increased seat back padding for
passengers on a school bus manufactured after 7/1/87
Chart A
383.5(b) Improper safety belts retrofitted school busesChart A



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