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21 Dec

Driving through / Around / Under Railroad Crossing Gate or Barrier
Section 1170(a). Penalties found at 1170(b) & (c) 1 & 2

VIOLATIONMin FineMax FineMax Imprisonment

1st conviction * # $250$40030 days or both

2nd conviction within 18 months * #$350$50090 days or both

3rd or subsequent conviction within 18 months * #$600$750180 days or both

* 1170(c) If carrying passengers under 18 years, any bus carrying passengers, any school bus, or any vehicle carrying explosive substances or flammable liquids...then the
1st conviction shall be a Class A Misd. #

2nd or subsequent conviction within 5 years shall be
a Class E Felony

# 1170(c)2 Any person convicted of a violation of this section resulting in an accident which causes physical
injury..., serious physical injury..., or death... shall be guilty of a Class E Felony

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