CHART H page 94

21 Dec

Registration Fines
Sections 401.1,7 or 8.
Penalties found at 401.18

VIOLATIONMin FineMax FineMax Imprisonment

Unregistered Vehicle
$75$30015 days or both

EXCEPTION - Failure to renew registration which was valid within 60 days. Fine shall be not less than $40.00

1st offense*
401.7 or 8 trucks or trailers operating in excess of M.G.W.
$150$37530 days or both

EXCEPTION - vehicles with M.G.W. of less than 18,000 lbs.
$40$37530 days or both

2nd or subsequent offense$375$75060 days or both

* For any violation of 401.7 or 8, the registration of the vehicle may be suspended for a period of not less
than 10 days or more than 6 months

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