CHART DD Page 118

21 Dec

Operator under 21 years. Consumed Alcohol
Section 1192-a
B.A.C. of more than .02 but less than .07
Penalties found at 1193.2(a)(2) & (b)(7)

No person under the age of 21 shall operate a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol.
Any person who operates a motor vehicle in violation of 1192-a and is not charged with any 1192 violation,
shall be referred to the department for action in accordance with 1194-a.

This section shall not apply to a person operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle.

Not withstanding any provision of law to the contrary... a violation of this section is
not a judgment of conviction for a crime or any other offense

VIOLATIONCIVIL PENALTYMax ImprisonmentLicenseRegistrationTime

1st violation
of 1192-a
see 1194-a.2
N/Ashall be suspendedmay be suspended6 months

1192-a with a prior
offense or finding
see 1194-a.2
N/Ashall be revokedmay be revoked1 year
or until age 21,
whichever is greater


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