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The index is divided in the following way:

1. V & T violations

2. Boating violations

3. Commercial Motor Vehicles

1. V & T violations
abandoned vehicles1224.7
alcohol in vehicle, consuming1227.1
aggravated unlicensed operation511.1
all-terrain vehicles2280-2413
altered license plate 392
angle parking1203(a)
appearance tickets...failure to answer511-d
audio amplification equip.375.47
avoiding intersection or traffic control device1225
backing on controlled access road1211(b)
backing unsafely1211(a)
bicycle on highway1229-a(b)
bicycle / skating sections 1232(a)-1238.5-a
bus operation when fatigued or ill509-k
cell phone / in statute as mobile device, and portable electronic device1225-c.2(a) and 1225-d
chemical test refusal1194.2
child restraint sections1229-c.1-1229-c.10
coasting in neutral1216
consumption of alcohol in vehicle1227.1
conviction stub, altered515
conviction stub, failure to exhibit509.7 repealed eff 1/29/02

door-opening unsafely or leaving open which impedes traffic1214
dimensions / weights of vehicles385.1 to 385.17
drivers view obstructed375.30
driving in middle / divided highway1130.1
driving on sidewalk1225-a
driving too slow / impeding traffic1181(a)
driving too slow in zone1181(b)
driving wrong way on one way1127(a)
drove to left of crest / curve at RR1125(a)
drove to left of markings1126(a)
DWAI, alcohol1192.1
DWAI, alcohol/CMV-level I1192.5
DWAI, alcohol/CMV-level II1192.6
DWAI, drugs1192.4

Equipment violations-general375

back-up light375.34
brakes, emergency / hand375.1
brakes, service375.1
brakes, trailer375.1
bumper violation375.48(b)
convex mirror on school bus / none375.20(e)
emergency lights375.41
emission - heavy duty vehicle301-b.1
emission control device, none375.28-f(f)
flag, none on load 375.27
fire extinguisher375.9
license plate light375.2(a)4
lights, general375.2(a)-375.7
rear view mirror375.10a
rear object detection system375.10e
safety glass375.11&12
side view mirror, right375.10b
side view mirror, left375.10-a
signaling devices, reflectors or lamps, none376.1(a)
slow moving vehicle emblem375.36(b)
speedometer, improper / none375.42
smoke from vehicle375.28
steering, inadequate375.1
stop lamps375.40(a&b)
studded tires375.35-a
tinted window violations375.12-a(b)
tires unsafe 375.35(c)
towing / non-rigid connection375.1
trailer wheels375.1
windshield, none375.12-a(a)
windshield wipers375.1
windows, tinted375.12-a (b)(2)
windows, tinted375.12-a (b)(2)

Equipment violations-motorcycle 381-381.12

fire trucks, following or parking to close1217
fire hose, crossed1218
four-way flashers, improper use1163(e)
front seat occupancy violation1213(a)
glass on highway, failed to remove1219(a)
ground transportation, unlawful solicitation1220-b.1
hand signals or lamps, failed to use 1164(a)
hand signals, improper1165
handicap parking, failed to designate off-street spaces1203-c.1
horse sections1260-1264
house coach trailer, riding in1228
ignition interlock device1198
improper entrance / exit from controlled access highway1130.2
inspection certificate, none 306(b)
insurance, none319.1
interfered with safe operation of other vehicles 1124
intersection, avoiding 1225
keep right, failed to1120(a,b,c)
keep right / mountain highway, failed to 1215
Leaving the scene of an accident animal injury601
personal injury or property damage600
left turn-not at intersection1166(b)
left turn onto 2 way, improper1160(b)
left turn onto 1 way, improper1160(c)
license, unlicensed operation509.1
license plate violations, vehicles402.1-402-a
license plate violations, motorcycles411.1
license, violation of restriction509.3
license, violation of restricted use530.6
limited use vehicles2261-2267
littered on highway1220
load not fastened377.1
loose cargo not covered 380-a
material on highway, failed to remove1219(b)
mobile phone use1225-c2(a)

motorboat sections2251-2256

motor carrier violations509-d-509-o
motor carrier violations, comm.509-q-509-v

motorcycle sections1250-1253

obey traffic laws, failed to1101
obey Police Officer, failed to1102
obey traffic control device, failed to1110(a)
obstructing highway at RR grade Xing1176
obstructing traffic at intersection1175
occupying highway / selling / soliciting1157(c)
parked / off-street handicapped space1203-c.1
parked not parallel to curb1203(b)
parked on highway for sale or repair 1203(d)
parked within 50’ of RR crossing1202(a)(3)
passed on right or unsafely1122(a)
passed, no passing zone1126
passed vehicle failed to give way1122(b)
pedestrian crossed against red1111(d)4
pedestrian crossed against yellow1111(b)(3)
pedestrian crossed diagonally1152.(c)
pedestrian on highway1229-a(a)
police radios / unauth. vehicles397
portable electronic device1225-d.1
proceed thru flashing yellow with caution, failed to1113(b)
radar or laser detector, any motor vehicle with a GVWR >18,000 lbs. or any CMV w/ GVWR > 10,000 lbs.397-a
radar detector, vehicle > 18,000 lbs. and driving in excess of speed limit
RR crossing barrier-drove thru,etc1170(b)
RR crossing failed to stop when req1170(a)
RR crossing, certain vehicles, ...failed to stop1171(a)
RR Xing grade stop sign1685
reckless driving1212
reduced speed, at special hazards, failed to drive at1180(e)
registration suspended or revoked, operating while 512
right turn, improper 1160(a)
right turn, improper into alley, etc.1166(a)
School bus while transporting students, turned on red1111(d)5
School bus, failed to stop for1174(a)
School bus, failed to keep halted1174(b)
seat belts / buses383.4-a
seat belt sections1229-c.1
signal lane change or turn1163(a)
signals, improper use1163(d)
signal intent 100’ from turn, failed to 1163(b)

snowmobile sections2222-2230

snow removal onto handicapped space1203-e
sound limits / motor vehicles386
speed contest, unauthorized1182.1
speed not reasonable or prudent1180(a)
speeding in 55 mph zone1180(b)
speeding in posted work area1180(f)
speeding in school zone1180(c)
speeding in zone1180(d)
splash guards, truck, none375.25(a)
steering wheel, no hands on1226
stop,emerging from alley, etc, failed to 1173
stop, flashing red light, failed to1113(a)
stop, left on red onto one-way, failed to1111(d)2b
stop at red arrow, failed to1111(d)3
stop for red light, failed to1111(d)1
stop, right on red, failed to1111(d)2a
stop, for school bus, failed to1174(a)
stop, failed to, at yield sign when required 1172(b)
stopped suddenly and did not signal intent1163(c)
stopping, standing or parking, failed to obey signs1200(d)
stopping, standing or parking, within 15’ of fire hydrant1202(b)
stopping, standing or parking, at handicapped space-on street1203-b.2
stopping, standing or parking, main part of highway1201(a)
stopping, standing or parking prohibited areas1202(c)
stopping, standing or parking, specific areas1202(a)(1&2)
switched plates401.1(b)
towing agency / failed to notify PD1210(c)
trailer, riding in house coach1228
traveled in lane with RED X signal 1116(d)
truck bed / persons under 18...1222.2
turn as required by signs, failed to1160(d)
unattended vehicle1210(a)
unlicensed driver509.1
unlicensed operation (improper class)509.2
unregistered motorcycle410.1
unregistered tow truck401-b
unregistered vehicle401.1(a)
U.S. Mail sign, failed to display1229
use due care / avoid collision, failed to1146
use due care when approaching a horse or sounded horn / failed to1146-a.1,2 & 3
U-turn, improper1160(e)
view or control of driver obstructed by overloading 1213(a)
view or control of driver obstructed by passenger1213(b)
wrong wheels to curb1203(b)
yield right of way, green arrow, failed to1111(a)(2)
yield right of way, green light, failed to1111(a)(1)
yield right of way, numerous, failed to1140(a) to 1153(a)

2. BOATINGNavagation Law

Boating after consumed alcohol: under 21 years; per se49-b
BWI or ability impaired by drugs49-a.2(b, c, d, e)
Chemical test refusal49-a.7(b)
Deposit of refuse in navigable waters33
Divers flag45.1-a
Equipment violations40.1
Interfering with navigation32-c
Noise violations44.2(a & b)
Operating vessel / privilege suspended49-a.4(a)
Skiing / no observer73.1
Speed greater than reasonable & prudent45.1(b)

Special Provisions

Canandagua & Keuka Lakes45-aa
Greenwood Lake45-aaaa
Irondquoit Bay45-aaa
Lake Alice45-aaaaa
Sodus Bay45-aaaa
Regulations of personal watercraft & specialty prop craft73-a.1(a) to 73-a.3(b)

3. COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLESPages 78 - 82 and 126 - 127

HAZMAT Violations107.620(b) to 180.417 49 CFR
Pages 78, 126
Commercial Vehicle Saftey383.21(a) to 397.101(e)(2) 49 CFR
Pages 78, 127
Load SecurementPages 78, 126
Also located in Flow Charts
Hours of Labor of OperatorsSection 211 / 212 NYS Trans Law
Page 79
Highway Use & Fuel Use TaxesSection 1815 NYS Tax Law
Page 80
Idling prohibition for heavy duty vehicles6 NYCRR 217-3
Page 81
Emissions inspection for heavy duty vehicles ECL 19-0320
Page 82

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