About the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law Quick Chart

The Quick Chart was originally published in book form only for 9 years.  The book is updated yearly and usually mailed in late February to mid March, depending on when end of year pending legislation is signed.

This website was created in 2011 and is updated monthly.

Following is a brief description of this reference guide and what it contains.

Quick Chart

A QUICK REFERENCE Guide To Penalties And Fines

Whether you’re a Judge, an experienced attorney or just starting out, an insurance professional, police officer, drivers ed teacher or other practitioner needing to research the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, you will find this guide to be a resource of tremendous value.

Inside, you will find answers to the most often asked questions:

  • How many points is this violation?
  • What are the possible fines?
  • Can I go to jail?
  • What could happen to my license and registration?

This comprehensive guide shows the V & T section number,
fines, jail terms, points, license and registration revocations and
suspensions, and surcharge information.

Research either by section number or alphabetically by using the index.

  • Information within seconds.
  • Designed to be compact, easy to use and comprehensive.
  • Minimize your research time.
  • The best reference bargain you will ever find.

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