2018 New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law Quick Chart

04 Jan

Welcome to the 2018 New York State

Vehicle & Traffic Law Quick Chart online Reference Guide.

Starting January of 2017, the book version will no longer be printed. The electronic edition is FREE, FREE, FREE. NO NEED TO REGISTER.  Just start searching.  I will provide updates as they become available, on almost a monthly basis.


Since 1997, I have published the Quick Chart in book form to assist Judges and Attorneys in researching the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law.   In 2011, this website was created to make the Quick Chart even more accessible.

The New York State V & T Quick Chart is a quick reference to penalties, fines and license and registration consequences.

Whether you’re a Judge, an experienced attorney or just starting out, an insurance professional, police officer, drivers ed teacher or other practitioner needing to research the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, you will find this guide to be a resource of tremendous value.

You will find answers to the most often asked questions:

  • How many points is this violation?
  • What are the possible fines?
  • Can I go to jail?
  • What could happen to my license and registration?

One downside of the FREE online version is that the portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book and online version that I donated to the Wounded Warrior Project will no longer be coming in.  The second will be that the website will now have advertising on it.

I am requesting that you voluntarily donate whatever amount you wish, to the Wounded Warrior Project, or any other charity you desire, directly from you to the charity.

Since August 1st 2015, I have donated $5 from every book and website access sale (totaling over $1800) for the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law Quick Chart to the Wounded Warrior Project, which serves the needs of injured service members from the current conflicts. 

I am in no way affiliated with this organization.  It is just my way of helping the men and women that defended our freedom. 

If you would like more information on this very worthy charity, you can find it at

Thank you for supporting our troops and my publication.



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