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15 Feb

Starting August 1st 2015, I will be donating $5 from every book and website access sale for the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law Quick Chart to the Wounded Warrior Project, which serves the needs of injured service members from the current conflicts. 

I am in no way affiliated with this organization.  It is just my way of helping the men and women that defended our freedom. 

If you would like more information on this very worthy charity, you can find it at

Thank you for supporting our troops and my publication,

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Welcome to the 2016 New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law Quick Chart Reference Guide.

Since 1997, I have published the Quick Chart in book form to assist Judges and Attorneys in researching the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law.   In 2011, this website was created to make the Quick Chart even more accessible.

The New York State V & T Quick Chart is a quick reference to penalties, fines and license and registration consequences.

Whether you’re a Judge, an experienced attorney or just starting out, an insurance professional, police officer, drivers ed teacher or other practitioner needing to research the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, you will find this guide to be a resource of tremendous value.

  Inside, you will find answers to the most often asked questions:

  • How many points is this violation?
  • What are the possible fines?
  • Can I go to jail?
  • What could happen to my license and registration?

This comprehensive guide shows the V & T section number, fines, jail terms, points, license and registration revocations and suspensions, and surcharge information.

  • Research either by section number or alphabetically by using the index.
  • Information within seconds.
  • Designed to be compact, easy to use and comprehensive.
  • Minimize your research time.

The best reference bargain you will ever find.   Following are some sample pages which include the:

  1. Table of Contents,
  2. Chart Index,
  3. A page showing speeding violations, and
  4. The Index
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21 Dec

Penalties for Use of mobile telephones and portable electronic devices
Sections 1225-C and 1225-D
effective 7/26/2013

VIOLATIONMinimum FineMaximum Fine

1st conviction $50$150 ($200 eff 1 Nov 2014)

2nd conviction within 18 months $50$200 ($250 eff 1 Nov 2014)

3rd or subsequent conviction within 18 Months $50$400 ($450 eff 1 Nov 2014)

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01 Jul

New York State
Vehicle & Traffic Law
Quick Chart

A Quick Reference Guide to Penalties and Fines

Chart Directory
Vehicle & Traffic Violations (General)Pages 1 - 76
Snowmobile / motorboats
limited use / ATV's
Pages 62 - 67
Common Boating ViolationsPages 68 - 76
Commercial Motor Vehicle ViolationsPages 77 - 78
Hours of operation / Log BooksPage 79
Highway & Fuel Use TaxPage 80
Idling prohibition of Heavy Duty VehiclesPage 81
Emissions Inspection of Heavy Duty VehiclesPage 82
Penalty ChartsChart A to Chart Hazmat CMV
Pages 83 to 127
General DWI ConcernsPage 112-a
Representing a Multiple Alcohol and Drug Related OffenderPage 112-b
License, Registration, Revocation & Suspension ChartPage 128
Driver Responsibility Assessment FeePage 112-a
SurchargesPage 129
IndexPage 130
DMV LettersPages 131-132

ATraffic Infractions
A-1 Stopping or a hydrant impeding a fire vehicle during an emergency
A-2Mobile phones and portable electronic equipment
CUninspected Vehicle
DService brake disconnection
EAudio amplification
FUnsecure Load
G-1 Dimensions and weights
G-2 Weights of 3 axle vehicles
G-3 Weights of 3 axle vehicles (NYC)
G-4 Excessive weight on axles
G-5 Excessive weight on axles (NYC)
HRegistration Fines
ILicense violations
JAggravated Unlicensed Operation
KFacilitating Aggravated Unlicensed Operation
L Operating vehicle while License or Registration revoked or suspended
MLeaving The Scene of an accident
NLeaving The Scene, animals
O-1 Red Light Violations (cities < 1 million)
O-2 Red Light Violations (cities > 1 million)
PEmergency Vehicle Approaching
Q Railroad Crossing Violation
RPassing School Bus
SImprudent Speed
T Speeding
URadar Detectors (Vehicles over 18,000 lbs.)
VSpeed Contests
WReckless Driving
XGround Transportation Violations
Z DWI or impaired by drugs
AA Special Vehicle-Alcohol and Drug
DDOperator under 21; consumed alcohol
EE Chemical Test Refusal
Boating AMisdemeanors
Boating BViolation
Boating CBoating while ability impaired
Boating DBoating while intoxicated or impaired by drugs
Boating ERegulations for personal watercraft
Boating FLivery regulations for personal watercraft
Chart CMVCommercial Motor Vehicles / Load Securement (the most popular)
Chart CMV Farm Plated Vehicles
Chart HazmatCommercial Motor Vehicles

1180(a)Speed not reasonable and prudent under conditionsChart S3 points
1180(b)Speeding - 55 m.p.h. zone or other established maximum speed limitChart T-1points based on mph
over limit. 1180 b,c,d,f
over 40 - 11 points
31 to 40 - 8 points
21 to 30 - 6 points
11 to 20 - 4 points
1 to 10 - 3 points
1180(c)Speeding in school zone school days between 7 AM and 6 PMChart T-2points based on mph
over limit. 1180 b,c,d,f
over 40 - 11 points
31 to 40 - 8 points
21 to 30 - 6 points
11 to 20 - 4 points
1 to 10 - 3 points
1180(d.1)Speeding in zoneChart T-1points based on mph
over limit. 1180 b,c,d,f
over 40 - 11 points
31 to 40 - 8 points
21 to 30 - 6 points
11 to 20 - 4 points
1 to 10 - 3 points
1180(d.2)Speeding on any restricted highwayChart Upoints based on mph
over limit. 1180 b,c,d,f
over 40 - 11 points
31 to 40 - 8 points
21 to 30 - 6 points
11 to 20 - 4 points
1 to 10 - 3 points
1180(e)Failed to drive at appropriate reduced speed
when approaching special hazards
Chart S3 points
1180(f)Speeding in posted work area speed zone (new surcharge, eff 11/05)Chart Upoints based on mph
over limit. 1180 b,c,d,f
over 40 - 11 points
31 to 40 - 8 points
21 to 30 - 6 points
11 to 20 - 4 points
1 to 10 - 3 points
(effective 25 July 2014, expires 25 July 2018
Owner liability for failure of operator to comply with certain posted speed limits in New York CityMAX $50 for each violationplus an additional penalty not in excess of $25 for each violation for failure to appear. see 1180-b(e)
Effective 7/25/2014.
Expires 6/25/2018
Owner liability for failure of operator to comply with posted speed limits in school zone - Nassau and Suffolk CountiesMAX $50 for each violationplus an additional penalty not in excess of $25 for each violation for failure to appear. see 1180-c(e)

The index is divided in the following way:

1. V & T violations

2. Boating violations

3. Commercial Motor Vehicles

1. V & T violationsSection Number
abandoned vehicles1224.7
alcohol in vehicle, consuming1227.1
aggravated unlicensed operation
all-terrain vehicles
altered license plate
angle parking
appearance tickets...failure to answer
audio amplification equip.
avoiding intersection or traffic control device
backing on controlled access road
backing unsafely
bicycle on highway
bicycle / skating sections
bus operation when fatigued or ill
cell phone
chemical test refusal
child restraint sections
coasting in neutral
consumption of alcohol in vehicle
conviction stub, altered
conviction stub, failure to exhibit
door-opening unsafely or leaving open which impedes traffic
dimensions / weights of vehicles
drivers view obstructed
driving in middle / divided highway
driving on sidewalk
driving too slow / impeding traffic
driving too slow in zone
driving wrong way on one way
drove to left of crest / curve at RR
drove to left of markings
DWAI, alcohol
DWAI, alcohol/CMV-level I
DWAI, alcohol/CMV-level II
DWAI, drugs

Equipment violations-general

back-up light
brakes, emergency / hand
brakes, service
brakes, trailer
bumper violation
convex mirror on school bus / none
emergency lights
emission - heavy duty vehicle
emission control device, none
flag, none on load
fire extinguisher
license plate light
lights, general
rear view mirror
rear object detection system
safety glass
side view mirror, right
side view mirror, left
signaling devices, reflectors or lamps, none
slow moving vehicle emblem
speedometer, improper / none
smoke from vehicle
steering, inadequate
stop lamps
studded tires
tinted window violations
tires unsafe
towing / non-rigid connection
trailer wheels
windshield, none
windshield wipers
windows, tinted
windows, tinted

Equipment violations-motorcycle

fire trucks, following or parking to close
fire hose, crossed
four-way flashers, improper use
front seat occupancy violation
glass on highway, failed to remove
ground transportation, unlawful solicitation
hand signals or lamps, failed to use
hand signals, improper
handicap parking, failed to designate off-street spaces
horse sections
house coach trailer, riding in
ignition interlock device
improper entrance / exit from controlled access highway
inspection certificate, none
insurance, none
interfered with safe operation of other vehicles
intersection, avoiding
keep right, failed to
keep right / mountain highway, failed to
Leaving the scene of an accident animal injury
personal injury or property damage
left turn-not at intersection
left turn onto 2 way, improper
left turn onto 1 way, improper
license, unlicensed operation
license plate violations, vehicles
license plate violations, motorcycles
license, violation of restriction
license, violation of restricted use
limited use vehicles
littered on highway
load not fastened
loose cargo not covered
material on highway, failed to remove
mobile phone use

motorboat sections

motor carrier violations
motor carrier violations, comm.

motorcycle sections

obey traffic laws, failed to
obey Police Officer, failed to
obey traffic control device, failed to
obstructing highway at RR grade Xing
obstructing traffic at intersection
occupying highway / selling / soliciting
parked / off-street handicapped space
parked not parallel to curb
parked on highway for sale or repair
parked within 50’ of RR crossing
passed on right or unsafely
passed, no passing zone
passed vehicle failed to give way
pedestrian crossed against red
pedestrian crossed against yellow
pedestrian crossed diagonally
pedestrian on highway
police radios / unauth. vehicles
proceed thru flashing yellow with caution, failed to
radar or laser detector, any motor vehicle with a GVWR >18,000 lbs. or any CMV w/ GVWR > 10,000 lbs.
radar detector, vehicle > 18,000 lbs. and driving in excess of speed limit
RR crossing barrier-drove thru,etc
RR crossing failed to stop when req
RR crossing, certain vehicles, ...failed to stop
RR Xing grade stop sign
reckless driving
reduced speed, at special hazards, failed to drive at
registration suspended or revoked, operating while
right turn, improper
right turn, improper into alley, etc.
School bus while transporting students, turned on red
School bus, failed to stop for
School bus, failed to keep halted
seat belts / buses
seat belt sections
signal lane change or turn
signals, improper use
signal intent 100’ from turn, failed to

snowmobile sections

snow removal onto handicapped space
sound limits / motor vehicles
speed contest, unauthorized
speed not reasonable or prudent
speeding in 55 mph zone
speeding in posted work area
speeding in school zone
speeding in zone
splash guards, truck, none
steering wheel, no hands on
stop,emerging from alley, etc, failed to
stop, flashing red light, failed to
stop, left on red onto one-way, failed to
stop at red arrow, failed to
stop for red light, failed to
stop, right on red, failed to
stop, for school bus, failed to
stop, failed to, at yield sign when required
stopped suddenly and did not signal intent
stopping, standing or parking, failed to obey signs
stopping, standing or parking, within 15’ of fire hydrant
stopping, standing or parking, at handicapped space-on street
stopping, standing or parking, main part of highway
stopping, standing or parking prohibited areas
stopping, standing or parking, specific areas
switched plates
towing agency / failed to notify PD
trailer, riding in house coach
traveled in lane with RED X signal
truck bed / persons under 18...
turn as required by signs, failed to
unattended vehicle
unlicensed driver
unlicensed operation (improper class)
unregistered motorcycle
unregistered tow truck
unregistered vehicle
U.S. Mail sign, failed to display
use due care / avoid collision, failed to
use due care when approaching a horse or sounded horn / failed to
U-turn, improper
view or control of driver obstructed by overloading
view or control of driver obstructed by passenger
wrong wheels to curb
yield right of way, green arrow, failed to
yield right of way, green light, failed to
yield right of way, numerous, failed to


Boating after consumed alcohol: under 21 years; per se
BWI or ability impaired by drugs
Chemical test refusal
Deposit of refuse in navigable waters
Divers flag
Equipment violations
Interfering with navigation
Noise violations
Operating vessel / privilege suspended
Skiing / no observer
Speed greater than reasonable & prudent

Special Provisions

Canandagua & Keuka Lakes
Greenwood Lake
Irondquoit Bay
Lake Alice
Sodus Bay
Regulations of personal watercraft & specialty prop craft


HAZMAT Violations
Commercial Vehicle Saftey
Hours of Labor of Operators
Highway Use & Fuel Use Taxes
Idling prohibition for heavy duty vehicles
Emissions inspection for heavy duty vehicles


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